The following is a tune my close friend and esteemed collaborator Sean Bradbury has created based on my lowly lyrics. As you can see (or hear), we’re both very indebted to the late and great John Martyn. We’re continuing to work on the tune so expect a proper beat soon. Comments and groupies welcome.

Come home to me.
Build a fire right here.
Let the embers burn,
The ashes blow away.

Pray against the break of day,
Let’s lie in our shade of grey.
And pretend the sun will stay,
Exactly where it is.

Wrap yourself in me,
Make sure I stay near.
So I can feel you breathe,
As you fall asleep.

Dawn fades and falls away,
And takes our shade of grey.
Let’s hold our truth at bay,
Exactly as it is.

All the lovers in the world,
All the spaces in between.
All the things we left unsaid,
All the things we could have been.


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