Met Line

Catch a suit in a sky blue eye.

Business links and commuter ties.

You done this ride that many times,

But you ain’t blind to me brother.

My mouth closes on a half mock smile,

We both know, we’ve compiled our profile,

We run on different lines,

He be starting and I just finished mine.

I feel my sweat play and crawl,

Its sweet mate, but sour an’ all,

Hope you share it with your pay-for friends,

Rolling and chancing to make ends meet.

Double-glazed from time and gravity,

Filed into a sometime mercenary,

We come, we go, we reside in the far away.

We copy and paste the everyday.

Judder and clack chatter and feedback,

Cut and rumble on tracks as sparks live

and die, scatter and defy the sky.

Think of Blake and distill the Blues.

Feint and move with nothing to lose.

Stretching away in this river of tubes.

Eyes prized open in Amersham,

A Damflask stranger in a ghost station.

Jump the joint and trundle back,

Eyes on the cracks for spare change,

For an ace in a place that stays the same.

For a sunflower, a silent contract,

And a kiss for Grandma.

Map of lines so kind,

She’d stayed up to worry.


3 thoughts on “Met Line

  1. Beautiful. Could do with a little more punctuation to aid the reading of it though. I have such a picture of you poor Grandma waiting up for you and you rocking up all dishevelled. Interestingly, the sunflower is my favourite. Remember that.

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